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Coaching Corner

For Any Help with Coaching please refer to the following contact information:

Coaching Coordinator

Tim Halstead 727-262-6994


Equipment Manager 

Dave Beinart


Important Links

Printable Volunteer Form

League Age Calculator


Things to Know:

-Check the Rain Out Line App to stay up to date on most of the Fields we play on, including Oldsmar Sports Complex

-For home games, it is your team's responsibility to line your field. Make sure to arrive early or have an adult on your team in charge of doing so. The chalk and frame are in the shed by field #2, 1B side

-The pitching machines are located in the shed between field #2 and the batting cages

-AA and up keep score. During home games please have an adult in charge of maintaining your score-book, and another adult in charge of running the scoreboard.

-Please read over your current season's rules very closely and print a copy to keep with you at games

-It is your teams responsibility to clean the Dugouts, fields, and bleachers after each game and practice. Leave the fields we visit the way we found them.

-Work closely with your Team-Parent to ensure you both can communicate information effectively

Coaching Fundamental Checklist

T Ball

  • Glove Up, Glove Down
  • Not Throwing The Bat
  • Running The Bases (running through 1st Base)
  • Step and Throw
  • Hang Bag on the Back of Fence

A Ball

  • Play Catch
  • Plays at 1st Base
  • Step to pitcher when hitting
  • Call out "got it"
  • Dirty glove on grounders
  • * See previous divisions

AA Ball

  • Intro to Pitching
  • 2nd Base back up throw to pitcher
  • Learn Force & Force Play
  • Learn and understand Tagging Up
  • Correctly roll out of the way of a pitch
  • Load position when hitting
  • Outfield throws into 2nd Base
  • Covering bases and Backing up Positions
  • Handshake/Flip throw
  • Eyes on bag, ears on coach when running
  • * See previous divisions

AAA Ball

  • Catching stances (Primary & Secondary)
  • Catcher standing to throw to pitcher
  • Cutoff Man
  • 2 step bunt crash
  • Pitchers covering home
  • 1st baseman backing up the pitcher at home, when pitcher covers home plate
  • Outfield backing up Infield
  • Signs and Indicator
  • Secondary Lead-offs
  • Low and through fielding
  • * See previous divisions


  • 1st and 3rd plays
  • Drop third and backups
  • Signal stance for catcher
  • Homerun trot, team surrounding the plate
  • Set, load, and hips for hitting
  • * See previous divisions


  • Balks
  • Pick-offs
  • Lead-offs
  • Silent Verbal
  • See Previous Divisions

Pitching and Catching Notes

-   Once a Catcher receives the 1st pitch of the 4th inning, they are ineligible to play position of pitcher for the rest of the day.

-   Once a Pitcher throws their 41st pitch, they can not play position of catcher for the rest of the day. (Exception, they can finish a batter starting at 40 pitch count)

-   A catcher can catch 3 innings, pitch 20 pitches, and can return to catcher in same day..

o   Catcher can not catch 4 innings and be pitch eligible

o   Catcher can not catch 3 innings, then pitch starting a batter at 21 pitches and return to catch in the same day.

Pitch count

7-8 League Age

    -Max 50 pitches (starting a batter at 50) a day

9-10 League Age

                -Max 75 pitches (starting a batter at 75) a day

11-12 League Age

                -Max 85 pitches (starting a batter at 85) a day

13-16 League Age

                -Max 95 pitches (starting a batter at 95) a day

Pitching Rest Days

                1-20 pitches (starting the batter at 20 pitches) no rest needed

                21-35 pitches (starting the batter at 21 pitches) 1 day rest

                36-50 pitches (starting the batter at 50 pitches) 2 days rest

                51-65 pitches (starting the batter at 65 pitches) 3 days rest

                66+ pitches (starting the batter at 66) 4 days rest

Division Ages

A player League Age determines their division eligibility. League age is determined by Little League Baseball and Softball and should be confirmed by each parent from the Little League Baseball website at: 

Tee Ball Division: League age five(5) and six(6) year olds. Six year olds who have completed one season of Tee Ball may move up to Single A with approval of the Division V.P. 

Minor Divisions: 

Single A (A) Division (Coach Pitch) League age six (6) and seven (7) year olds. 

Double A (AA) Division (Machine/Player/Coach Pitch combo)  League age eight (8) and nine (9) year olds. Seven (7) year olds who have completed one season of Single A and pass the AA Skills Evaluation may be considered to play up. 

Triple A Division (AAA) (Player Pitch)  League age nine (9), ten (10), and eleven (11) year olds. League age ten (10) or eleven (11) year old players that did not attend Major Skills Evaluations or who are not drafted to a Major division team. Twelve year olds may play in AAA if a parent presents a written request to the League President. However, they are prohibited from pitching in AAA division. Note: Only league age 8, 9, and 10 year olds are eligible for the 8-10 All-Star Team. 

Major Division: League age ten (10), eleven (11), and twelve (12) year olds (all must attend Major division Evaluations). The League President may recommend to the Board of Directors, a limit on the number of ten year olds allowed to play in Majors. Notes: League age 10 eligible only for 9&10 All-Star Team. League age 11 eligible Page 6 | Oldsmar Little League Bylaws |  for the 10-11 year old or Major All-Star team. League age 12 players are eligible only for Major division All-Star Team. 

Intermediate (50-70) Division: League age eleven (11), twelve (12), and thirteen (13) year olds. League age eleven year old players must attend Evaluations and be drafted to an Intermediate division team. 

Junior Division: League age twelve (12), thirteen (13), and fourteen (14) year olds. League age fourteen year old players not drafted to a Senior division team. 

Softball Specific: Thirteen year olds may play Senior FastPitch Softball. 

Senior Division: League age thirteen (13), fourteen (14), fifteen (15), and sixteen (16) year olds. League age fourteen year old players must attend Evaluations and be drafted by a Senior division team. 

Big League Division: League age sixteen (16), seventeen (17), and eighteen (18) year olds. Registration and information provided by District 12.

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