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Carly Jane Liptak

Lyndsay James wrote this song as a tribute to Carly Jane Liptak of Palm Harbor, Florida, who passed away August 15, 2010. She was just 12 years old and such a special girl who touched so many people's lives. Carly was an avid softball player and had dreams of forming a female softball team for the Olympics. Donations accepted to The Carly "Pie" Liptak Memorial Fund, c/o Regions Bank, 3132 Tampa Road, Oldsmar, FL 34677

This is a project for Fifth Grade that Carly did.  Softball, the Team and her teammates & friends meant EVERYTHING to Carly.  Being on the field was her greatest joy besides being with her family.

My lifetime goal is to be a professional softball player because you have friends that are so close to you they could be sisters and, when you have an unbelievable talent like I do you should put it in a good direction and follow your dreams.  I plan to accomplish this extraordinary goal by staying extremely focused and practicing my batting, catching, throwing and running so I can get faster and stronger so I can also get a really good scholarship for the college I am going to, but you need well to amazing grades.

When you play softball you get real close to your teammates that you play with. When you start to know them better and have been playing with them for some games, you start to get close to them and tell them things you were embarrassed to tell your family members.  If you have a younger sister or brother that you can't talk to, you should really be on a softball team. They can be your sisters, you could move to double A, triple A, majors, and even juniors with them. You may even go to up to college softball team with them and maybe even be on the same team. How fun would that be!  These are the friends that are the ones who are going to be with you through tough times, so keep them and don't be a fool!

When you want to chase your dream and play college softball, you will want to be ready. You would practice, practice, practice!  Make sure you could throw the ball to first, second, third and be able to touch home plate without letting the ball drop, especially all the way to second, that throw is the longest.  You would also want to be one of the fastest on the team so you would want to make it all the way around the bases under a specific time.  You should know how to catch the ball and be a wall behind the batter so in case there is a runner on third, you can be ready to pick it up and throw the ball and try to get the runner into a pickle.  Oh, and you should practice hitting so you can be the good hitter on the team, that is how you get the scholarship.  If you are a good hitter and there is a fast pitcher and you have fast hands, you will probably get a home run or maybe even an out of the park home run or even a grand slam, well only if there are runners on first, second and third base of course!  If you really want to be on a college softball team and maybe even get to be famous, you need grades that will get you in, no C's, D's , F's or an I for incomplete.  So keep them up and I guarantee you will reach your dreams one day.

- Carly Jane Liptak

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